Native American and Ancient Healing

The word “healing” is used in many ways, but to the Native American it is more than just fending off of invading disease.  To them it refers to the body regenerating itself after injury or illness, but it also takes into account that our bodies are not separate from our thoughts, emotions, or soul.  For this reason, healing takes on a deeper meaning in the Native American traditions.

Many people are totally unaware of the connection between the onset of illness and the underlying energetic changes in their body’s willingness to keep their systems in balance or to fight off invaders that permitted that illness to take hold. Therefore, they don’t realize that their state of mind or outlook on life affect their physical health as much, if not more than, what they eat or how much they sleep. Changes on the cellular level brought on by negative mental or emotional states, such as sadness, grief, anger, resentment, hate, regret, shame, loneliness, or stress can weaken our immune systems and even turn our own cells against us.

We can changed the way we view healing and weave back restoration, like a great tapestry torn by time and trauma that has been stained or abused. It takes more than simple repairs or closing up of holes to return to its original beauty.  When the body is weak or sick more is needed than chemical remedies to kill germs or fool unbalanced stems.  Rebalancing and reunification of all aspects of the Self is needed to mend and reweave our energetic systems needs to take place to reconnect the shredded fibers of the body, mind, emotions, and the soul. True healing is gaining balance of what we are, how we think, what we feel, what we do, and how we live on all levels of our lives simultaneously.

Native Americans believe that healing involves increasing our ability to accept Life and let go of how we have been that has lead to our imbalanced state.  This allows us a chance to expand and grow as Souls for most often it is resistance to change and the flow of life events that has brought on stress, imbalance, or weakness in the first place.  This process is often invisible to us, but as soon as we encounter a painful occurrence we can’t cope with or understand physical, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually we get hurt, become ill, or split off some of our Soul Light and consciousness, which weakens us.  If we are willing to do the work to look honestly inside of ourselves, face whatever illness or trauma, learn from it, and allow healing change, we can regain our Soul Light and consciousness.  We can also evolve our Souls through this process and achieve what we call “health”.

Nearly all of us have unresolved physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues, some of which we are completely unaware or in denial about.  But, remember that everyone can benefit from the processes of healing as a way to resolve these issues and move to a higher awareness.  True healing is an exploration of self-discovery and an opportunity for personal enlightenment that we can all benefit from. It takes courage to take on your own healing, but by doing so you will embark on a process of transformation that will expand your mind, heart, and soul.

Native Americans believe that anything can be healed, including our ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need more energy, more understanding, or more love than we can muster all by ourselves to achieve it.  These are the times when we must be willing to accept the help from others whether they are family, friends, or trained professionals skilled in the healing arts if we really do want healing to occur, for we are not here to heal alone.

Each of us is made up of many elements and on many levels.  Some are dense and physical while others are higher in vibration. Our minds and emotions are collections of swimming patters of energy, feelings, thoughts, and consciousness that never stop. These fragments of identity are connected with our physicality and rule over our bodily functions, yet sometimes seem to exist in their own private world. At the highest level, we are pure energy and spirit.  It is here that we see the parts of ourselves that are metaphysical, which go beyond the realm of matter and intertwine with other people, dimensions, and the Universal Consciousness or God.  Of all of these levels, it is trough the mind that we have access to the most power, for through thought and consciousness we can create or destroy the delicate balances that exist between us and the outside world.

What would you be like if you were whole?  If you know exactly who you are, where you came from, and what you are here on the Earth to do, who would you feel?  Tapping into these inner resources to do whatever you chose and do and calmly succeeding at it is what healing is all about. What would it be like to enjoy perfect, robust health, and complete peace in your mind and emotions?  We are talking about regaining the elements of ourselves that have become shut down, split off, or suppressed to the pint that we feel lost, weak, incapable, angry, depressed, powerless, or just plain sick.  This fragmentation diffuses our energy and attention and causes us to be no longer able to fully engage in life the way we should be able to, let alone the way we dream of.

For many of us, this breaking apart of the Self may have started early on in life or as long as we can remember, which have felt like chains that hold us back from our heart’s desires.  We are not separate from our mind, emotions, and spiritual bodies, therefore that’s why we must heal all aspects of the ourselves while supporting, guiding, and even challenging ourselves as we walk down the path to recovery.

We at Holistic Bodyworks work with these ancient teachings and techniques to help our clients achieve the balance they need to bring about health of mind, body, and soul. As healers and teachers, how do we help you?  First of all, we listen to your story and give you options, for that is often why people feel stuck.  Most clients have been invested in a healthcare system that doesn’t serve their needs and won’t pay for alternative, which leads to feeling that no one really wants or even knows how to help them.

We help people grow into good health with supportive guidance and techniques that use just the right mix of intuition, emotional, metaphysical, physical, and Spiritual education, energy and vocational healing techniques, listening, talk therapy, teaching, and Spiritual healing. We will “hold space” and energy for you, helping you maintain awareness of old physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, familial, ancestral, and past life energies and patterns as together we creatively break them up, reform them, and reintegrate them into a new, healthier and happier you.

In the short run, we’ll help you take stock of your life and examine your body, health habits, thoughts, emotions, relationships, work situation, and personal goals.  We’ll then offer new and workable possibilities for changes you can make in these areas. We’ll use our intuitive abilities to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual systems and support them with hands-on healing as needed. In the long run, we’ll be your teachers, coaches, and cheerleaders as you go through your own personal transformation, for true healing is not simply restoration of the body, but a process of becoming something new.

Usually, it isn’t reasonable to unravel and fix a lifetime of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter in just one session.  You didn’t get to where you are overnight but through years of accumulated physical and emotional attacks. It may take many sessions over a period of time to get enough major issues resolved to be strong enough to make the necessary changes for good. This is where the patience and dedication of both healer and seeker are needed to bring resolution in the long run.  Otherwise it will take much longer for any doctor or healer to help. One of our main goals is to help people realize this very fact and take back their own power to heal themselves.  When they do they will understand that they have always been in control of their own lives and health, whether they know it consciously or not.

By, Stephanie