Your First Step

…in improving your health should be something you can and will do.

 There are many aspects to living and being healthy, from diet and exercise to external influences like family structure and job settings, recreational times, and quiet times. All these things have an impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And all these things must be, for the most part, geared toward your own personal well being. This is not selfish, this is self-care and self-care is vital to being healthy and happy.

With so much health information available today it can be difficult to sort it out and to determine which aspect you should address first. Should I change my diet, start an exercise, take a vitamin? It’s enough to make your head spin.  So where do we start? 

A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet, enjoyable activities, rest, and a positive attitude. These aspects of life work together to develop a happy, content, stress free and pain free person who can move through the day with ease. It may seem overwhelming to think of making many changes but if you pick the one that appeals to you, and put it into action, doing it on a daily or regular basis, other changes will soon follow and you will slowly morph yourself into a healthier and happier you. 

Your first step may be something as simple as drinking a glass, or one more glass of water each day. Or taking a short walk around the block. Perhaps adding a daily multi-vitamin would be something to start with. Then, as you become comfortable with the little step, add one more.  

Taking that first step may or may not be easy. You are forming a new habit and that will take time.

·      Make some reminders to help you until your new habit becomes familiar.

·      Enlist the help of a friend or family member to remind you to take your vitamin or to take a walk with you.

·      Set timers for yourself at home and at work.

·      Leave yourself written notes on a mirror or the refrigerator.

·      Write it on your to-do list on your phone. 

 Making the decision to do one little change is a first step of its own. Reading and learning about healthier habits is a step. Reading this article may be just the ticket you need to get started on your quest for improved health.  

Be honest with yourself about what you will actually do. So many times we buy a piece of exercise equipment for home use and end up hanging coats on it. If you’re not going to use it, don’t waste your money. It might be prudent for you to do some research or try out some equipment at the gym to be sure this is right for you.  

Be patient with yourself while you learn. It takes three to four weeks for a new habit to become familiar, and there may be setbacks or mistakes during that time. If you fall off the wagon, forgive yourself and just get back on.  

Reward yourself the little victories.  For example, you’ve begun taking a regular walk through your neighborhood or on the treadmill at the gym and it’s now something you look forward to. Treat yourself to a fruit smoothie or a massage. 

With time and determination your new changes will become a regular part of your day and a regular part of your healthier and happier you.  

By, Sharry Smith, LMT