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Holistic Care Involvement in Cancer Recovery

According to a 2019 article on, pollution has risen almost 14 percent since 2016. The number of days dirty air poses a threat to vulnerable members of the population, especially people who are young, elderly or sick, is also increasing. As climate change leads to more wildfires, air pollution, dangerous weather events, allergy problems, and insect-related or waterborne diseases, individuals with respiratory problems face the greatest risk.

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Life with cancer_ The Importance of Finding Comfort in Self-Care and Spiritual Well-Being

Cancer -- how can two syllables be so powerful? That’s just one of the questions racing through the minds of the nearly 13 million newly diagnosed patients every year. Cancer affects so many, yet if you are dealing with your own diagnosis you may feel helpless and alone. Here are a few words of advice to help you along the way:

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