How do I describe my journey?
I have short term memory loss. It is driving me nuts. My mother found out about Holistic Bodyworks. I am a “regular” every 2 weeks.
Stress/Tension are also apart of it. Stephanie has found that “magic” spot that releases the tension.
My short term memory is not as bad. I am sleeping better. I am much more relaxed than before. My mind/body is healing and I am feeling like the “real me” for the first time in a long time.
I almost don’t want to be totally healed so I can be a part of this for a long time. Even my Primary Care doctor has commented that I seem better each time I see him😀! Nice to know that medicines aren’t always the best answer.
— Cathy, Sandy

I love getting treatments from Stephanie. When I was driving home from my first visit I found myself thinking “wow, I feel really good! I have energy to go get things done!” Each massage I get I leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. I love how Stephanie can combine therapies to fill my needs that day- whether it is knots in my back, a sore neck, emotional discouragement, or any other need. She is able to help me feel so much better! I’m glad to have found her!
— Renee, American Fork

I’ve visited Holistic Bodyworks several times, and each time I’ve felt so completely relaxed (a couple times I’ve fallen asleep!).
I’d never had a Shiatsu Massage until Stephanie used this technique, WOW! It was so relaxing, I’d thought it had to hurt in order
to feel better, and it doesn’t. The reflexology treatment was amazing. I’ve told several friends about the results and two were already clients.
— Kathi, West Jordan

January 26, 2018 I had just returned home from vacation and had tremendous shoulder and neck pain after the long flight. I really couldn’t turn my neck in any direction. After an hour with Sharry, I felt so much better and could then turn my head side to side . What a wonderful relief. I have continued to see Sharry on a regular basis as she helps me manage my pain and find ways to relieve and prevent it. She is very intuitive and able to find just the right spot that needs to be helped. She has true empathy and insight for people experiencing pain. I can’t thank her enough for helping relieve that pain that has pledged me. I will be continuing to see Sharry Smith for help and pain relief.
— Ann, Salt Lake