The Shamans Way of Healing

Shamans heal through the spiritual luminous energy field (the aura), which is very effective and powerful.  These ancient practices can create sacred spaces where healing takes place.  In this sacred space one can step in to the infinite and have direct experience of the Spirit World.  Shamanic healing takes place with the help of these spirits that lay waiting to help the shaman who seeks it.

Another way of looking at it would be, all things living are composed of light, and our own special luminous energy field, or aura, is connected to all other light forms in the universe.  The spirits that help the shaman have their own luminous energy fields, so in are connected to the shaman.  Over time the shaman builds a personal relationship with all her/his spirit helpers.  The more experienced the shaman the more spirit helpers the practitioner might have.  These spirit helpers can channel through the shaman to show or tell the shaman what is needed to perform the healing.  They call the shaman a “Hallow Reed” for this reason.  The shaman must be in a trance, a very deep meditative state, while communing with the spirits. What is truly amazing is that while in trance the shaman gets to experience that all powerful infinite realm, or it could be called “the place of enlightenment.”   By continuing to be in this sacred space the shaman builds her/his power that in turn is used for healing.

Over time the shaman is taught by the spirits more techniques used for healing.  In their book, Awakening to the Spirit World, The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation, Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman gives us a few examples of these techniques, “For example, a shaman may help restore power and focus to a person who has experience a traumatic loss experience.  Shamans may extract spiritual blockages form the body that can manifest as a physical or emotional illness.  A shaman may engage in healing work at various levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and he or she may be able to access information from “the other side” through enhanced powers of intuition, a practice known as divination.  Some shamans are also gifted in their ability to guide the souls of the dead to where they are supposed to go in the afterlife through psych-pomp work.  Some are even accomplished at reweaving and restoring the fabric of a person’s damaged soul through the practice of soul retrieval.” 

One of the techniques shamans use in healing deals with the persons chakras.  In the same way that our bodies have organs, the chakras are the organs of the luminous energy field.  The chakras spiral down in to the body and connect to the spinal cord, thus whatever is ailing the client on the inside with reflect out into the luminous energy field.  Also, all their past traumas and pain will show up.  Through a trance state the shaman can find whatever ails the client and use the advice of the spirits to come up with the technique that will be used to help heal the client.

Being an “energy worker” I have used, seen, and lived the way of the shaman.  Along the way I have developed as an energy or spirit worker with the use of other techniques that allow me to help my clients.  I have seen some miraculous things happen in my practice of being an energy worker, on both myself and others that have sought me out.

Written by, Stephanie Fredricksen, LMT