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Experience the healing hands of those at Holistic Bodyworks and emerge back into the world calm and invigorated. We specialize in helping our clients achieve health through balancing the body, mind, and spirit.We are here to guild you to the path of health and wellness with specialized sessions that are catered to the individual.  Classes are also offered as a way of teaching clients how to take charge of their own health.

Our mission is to assist our clients by supporting and mentoring them to achieve their optimal health through bodywork, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Holistic Bodyworks specializes in helping our clients achieve health through balancing the body, mind, and spirit using a holistic approach. 

We are a home-based place of healing, which helps our clients feel at ease to facilitate them to emerge back into the world calm and inspired. We offer both individual sessions and classes, and full programs that are designed for their specific needs and concerns. To inspire, encourage, and guide them to gain control over their good health and help them return to their daily activities with ease.

Our experienced, licensed health care professionals work together with them, as a team, evaluating each client’s situation and coaching them to a healthier lifestyle. Our methods are safe, gentle, and very effective and include bodywork along with dietary, lifestyle, and exercise information and individualized wellness programs that are based on their specific body structure, body type, and posture. 

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Stephanie Fredricksen, LMT, Instructor, Holistic Health Coach

I am passionate about health and healing, which has lead me to do some amazing things. I have a BA in Complementary and Alternative Health from Ashford University. I am a certified Reiki Master, Instructor, and a Licensed Massage Therapist that specializes in holistic therapies. 

My interests include reading, writing, any activities outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing, etc.), helping others, natural medicine, meditation, and spirituality. Yoga has also been a strong force in my life.

I am a country girl with small town values of being a part of the community, taking care of those not able to do so, and most of all treating everyone with kindness and respect. Although I am no longer living in the country I still hold on to these values. 

My main passion is to help others to feel their best in all aspects of their lives, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I love the idea of holistic health and practicing it as well!

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Sharry Smith, LMT, Instructor, Holistic Health Coach

My specialty is in the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. After I graduated  from Healing Mountain Massage School, I then went on to get extensive training in the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release.  Having used this method for several years, I have learned that a gentle and nurturing touch can be quite powerful. 

In my journey to become well I learned through personal education, growth, and seeking how to become the healthiest version of myself.  Diving into nutrition and awareness of what my body needs, I have learned that we can take charge of our own health.  These ideals have helped my clients tremendously with their own health and wellness. 

 I chose to do this work after having been relieved of twelve years of chronic pain and stiffness, and limited movement.  I am here to help you loosen those stiff muscles and joints, and to join life again.  With a passion for your best health as the foundation of my practice, I can help guide and coach you towards your best self. 

When I'm not working I enjoy music, reading, making quilts, and tending my garden.  Daily yoga practice, walking my errands, and sitting quietly listening to the sounds of the earth are my medicine.

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Written by, Sharry Smith LMT

Take a trip down Sharry's personal experience with myofacial release.  She shares her ups and downs of her healing journey.

Thirty years of repetitive motion from assembly line work had resulted in a tear in my right rotator cuff.  I had the surgical repair done but it did not heal properly and cover twelve years' time the pain and stiffness increased, going into my neck and across into my left shoulder.  I was unable to turn my head fully or reach above my head without a great deal of pain and discomfort.  This was diagnosed as degenerative disc disease and I was told there was nothing medical science can do to help me and that I was just getting old before my time.

Twelve years after the surgery I was guided to a physical therapist who practices the John F. Barnes method of myofacial release.  Since nothing else was working and my insurance would cover the physical therapy I decided to give it a shot.  This is my story of how myofacial release therapy not only lessened the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders but also opened my mind and my life. 

I am very thankful to have been guided to this gentle approach to healing my sore and aching body. 

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