Shamanic Healing

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Shamanic Healing Session

A shamanic healing session is a practice of intuitive spiritual guidance and healing. First, we consult with our client to see where they are at in their life path. Then, we scan your body and start the healing process through the power of healing sound with rattle & drum we journey.

Stress and energy blocks are cleared vibrationally using various tools such as sage, stones and crystals, sound, feathers, guided meditation, and blessing water. Chakras and aura are balanced. There is no disrobing and most of the time the healing is taking place off of the body.  Sometimes the body is lightly touched, over the clothing, especially at the head, sides, and feet.  You may experience a light trance state and may have memories or emotions pop up that is associated with something that is coming up for release and processing. It is always our intention to provide a safe space for your shamanic healing journey.

The result of the session is a feeling of renewal and self-discovery. After the session, we discuss the experience, any findings, and possible next steps to be taken in your healing journey.  You will be given tools and techniques to use at home to continue the healing process.


We are surrounded by an energetic field that contains, sustains, and informs our physical and emotional aspects. An illumination clears dense energy from the luminous body and erases imprints of disease. This simple engagement is both sweet and powerful and is basic to all my energy work. After an illumination you feel as if there is ‘more’ of you less stuck. The issues in your life seem less like insults and burdens and a bit more manageable.


This technique releases intrusive vibrations and entities that are stuck in your energetic field, their physical effects, and your affinities for toxic situations. My personal experience is that afterwards I feel lighter and free of burdens.

Soul Retrieval

I refer to the soul as life force. This is the life force that animates our physical life on Earth. Our soul is metaphorically in the body, in our guts. But a piece of you might be asking to return. How does this happen? Where does it go? Trauma, intense fear, and abuse — often in childhood — can cause a soul-splinter to seek safety. At some point, this might have been your only option for survival. It may feel as if a part of you got left behind. This combination of journey work restores ‘missing’ soul pieces. You rewrite your contract.

Unwinding / Unbinding

Sometimes a simple vibrational intervention isn’t enough. It may seem that there is something older and deeper–almost as if you’re root-bound like a plant. This combination of guided meditation journey and vibrational work unties the old stories that still inform our DNA. Such ‘stories’ are contracts come to us through family, culture, or past-life agreements. This leads to a freedom to be who you are meant to be and to stand in your own power.


We also offer our shamanic services for weddings, sacred fire, and despachos (restoring harmony and balance for individuals and groups). We also do home visits for house cleansing and blessings. Email for more information and pricing for weddings and private sacred fire and despacho ceremonies. Also, go to our Facebook page @HolisticBodyworks on our Events page to see when we are holding special ceremonies for our clients and the public.