Myofascial Movement Class Series

Myofascial Movement Class Series


In this Myofascial Movement series of 12 classes we offer essential hands on techniques based on living holistically through movement of the soft tissues of the body. If you take these classes individually they are $20 each, but if you take the entire series they are only $15 each, which is a $60 savings. These are all in-person classes, which will be held at our Murray, Utah location. We have online digital classes available for this series, which will be sent weekly!

Each one of the Myofascial Movement classes you will find step-by-step guidance on ways to improve function in every aspect of your physical body.  All the classes work to bring an awareness to specific areas of the body, how to listen to what your body is telling you, and tools to work with on a daily basis to help you achieve your goal of being the healthiest you can be.

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12 Movement classes in:

  1. Feet, Grounding For Life

  2. Legs, Standing Strong

  3. Hips, Holding Your Balance

  4. Pelvic, Feeling Your Passion

  5. Lumbar, Flexibility in Body and Mind

  6. Thoracic, Heart of the Backbone

  7. Cervical, Opening Your Voice

  8. Head, Perceiving the World

  9. Shoulders, Holding the World

  10. Arms, Embracing Your Life

  11. Hands, Feeling Through Touch

  12. All Over Mindfulness