Holistic Health Class Series

Holistic Health Class Series


This series consists of 12 classes, if taken individually they are $20 each, but if you buy in the whole series they are only $15 each, which is a $60 savings. These are all in-person classes, which will be taught at our Murray, Utah location. We we have online classes available soon!

Holistic Health takes the whole person into consideration. Mind, body and spirit — these aspects of each client are considered to be intertwined and essential to achieving optimal health. Human beings are comprised of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements is another way to look at it.

Holistic Health focuses on natural healing. While Holistic Health may incorporate treatments from mainstream health care, drugs and surgery are not the first line of defense. We teach in this series: 

  1. Diet

  2. Exercise

  3. Environmental measures

  4. Attitude and behavior modifications

  5. Relationship and spiritual counseling

  6. Bio-energy enhancement

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  1. 12 Holistic Health classes:

    1. Holistic Nutrition

This is an introductory class on the in's and out's of holistic nutrition.  Find out how an holistic approach to nutrition is best for our bodies and their overall health.

  1. Emotional Healing

Emotional health is just as important as physical health for our overall wellbeing.  A perfectly healthy looking person can have emotional issues that can cause other issues, such as depression that can cause a change in appetite, along with many other side effects to the mind and physical body.  Find out some proven techniques in this class that can help you achieve emotional health.

  1. A Healthy Home Life

Why does our home life need to be "healthy" as well? In this class we explore how the home reflects our inner-selves, so if you have an unorganized, cluttered, or toxic home you will tend to be these in the mind, body, and spirit.  You will learn how to change your environment to inspire, bring passion, and wellbeing into your daily life.

  1. A Healthy Work Life

We spend a good amount of time at our work places, whether it be for someone else or our own projects.  Having a healthy area of working can also bring wellbeing into your life on every level.  In this class you will learn some helpful tips on how to create or find the perfect work environment for the healthiest you.

  1. Media vs. Mindfulness

What is the difference between "being in the moment" and "automatic mode" of our minds?  Learn how you can use both in a healthy way to bring balance to your mental health.

  1. The Spiritual Side

Why is it vital for our spiritual side to be taken into consideration when it comes to achieving health? In this class we will discuss the importance of spirituality and a religious practice to bring about fulfillment, happiness, and health.

  1. Detoxing For Life

We have all heard people talk about detoxing, but we will dive in and learn how to detox our bodies, minds, emotions, and energies in this class.  Safe and effective ways of detoxing should be done on a regular basis, for the world we are living in is dirty and messy.

  1. Herbs & Remedies For Imbalances

There are many other ways to help you to be healthy and strong that are natural. Learn to use natural remedies to help with whatever ales you, from colds, depression, bladder infections to getting inflammation under control within the body.

  1. Illness From an Holistic Viewpoint

From a Holistic Health practitioners viewpoint your "symptoms" are not what needs to be treated, it is the underlying cause of these symptoms that needs to be addressed.  In this class you will learn how also look past these symptoms and to help your practitioner to get to the root of the cause.

  1. Hygiene & Cleanliness For Modern Times

We live in a messy dirty world and in this class you will learn how to be clean in body, mind, and spirit.  This class encompasses all the ways that we need to cleanse ourselves on a daily basis for optimal health.

  1. Mental Fitness

There are ways that Holistic Health practitioners use tools to help their clients to have the best mental outlook, ways to prevent memory loss, and how to give the proper nutrition to the brain for optimal health.  Learning these tools in this class will help you achieve optimal mental fitness.

  1. Living Holistically

Take everything that you have learned in the Holistic Health classes and learn how apply them in your everyday life.  You will also be given resources to continue expanding your knowledge base with Holistic Health.