Individual Classes

Individual Classes


Holistic Health is a lifestyle. It doesn't stop and start when you walk in and out of a practitioner's office. What the client does on a daily basis to tend to their mind, body and spirit is as important as any treatment or herbal remedies they receive.

Many people opt for Holistic Health because it's a way for them to feel empowered in their own health care. They don't have to be concerned about the side effects of drugs or surgery to fix them, they can take measures to enhance their well being into their own hands.

Knowledge is power!

This is an in-person class at our Murray, Utah location. We will have online classes coming soon!

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We offer a wide variety of Holistic Health classes!


    1. Holistic Nutrition

    2. Emotional Healing

    3. A Healthy Home Life

    4. A Healthy Work Life

    5. Media vs. Mindfulness

    6. The Spiritual Side

    7. Detoxing For Life

    8. Herbs & Remedies For Imbalances

    9. Illness From an Holistic Viewpoint

    10. Hygiene & Cleanliness For Modern Times

    11. Mental Fitness

    12. Living Holistically


    1. Food Labels

    2. Vitamins & Minerals

    3. How to Make Good Food Choices

    4. Malnourished

    5. Shakes vs. Juicing

    6. How to Find "Healthy" Produce

    7. Conventional vs. Organic

    8. Herbs & Spices

    9. Mindful Nutrition

    10. Salad Making

    11. 30 min. Dinner

    12. Go Into the Store!


    1. Hands, Feeling Through Touch

    2. Arms, Embracing Your Life

    3. Feet, Grounding For Life

    4. Legs, Standing Strong

    5. Shoulders, Holding the World

    6. Hips, Holding Your Balance

    7. Lumbar, Flexibility in Body and Mind

    8. Thoracic, Heart of the Backbone

    9. Cervical, Opening Your Voice

    10. Pelvic, Feeling Your Passion

    11. Head & Neck, Perceiving the World

    12. All Over Mindfulness

      • Each one of the Movement classes you will find step-by-step guidance on ways to improve function in every aspect of your physical body.  All the classes work to bring an awareness to all the areas of the body, how to listen to what your body is telling you, and tools to work with on a daily basis to help you achieve your goal of being the healthiest you can be.


    1. Shamanic Meditation, Childhood and Past Life Regression

    2. Shamanic Meditation, Soul Retrieval

    3. Shamanic Meditation, Healing Room & Meet Your Spirit Guides

    4. Breath work Techniques, Calming Breath

    5. Breath work Techniques, Stimulating Breath

    6. Breath work Techniques, Detoxing Breath

    7. Energy Clearing, Guided Grounding Meditation

    8. Energy Clearing, Chakra Clearing

    9. Energy Clearing, Higher-self & Protection

    10. Visualization Meditation, Nature Time

    11. Visualization Meditation, Inner Healing

    12. Visualization Meditation, Manifesting Desires