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Monthly Subscription

The smallest of our Holistic Health Programs, the Monthly Subscription is for those that would love to enjoy what the programs have to offer for an affordable monthly charge.  Enjoy bodywork and a one-on-one holistic coaching session or a class of your choosing from our Essential Holistic Health Program.

The Monthly Subscription includes:  2 bodywork sessions + 1 class or coaching session

At full price this would be $165

We offer it for only $125

An automatic payment with a credit card on file will run on the 1st or 15th of each month in the amount of $125 then schedule your bodywork that we have discussed and chosen for your best option and a class of your choosing (see calendar below).  Each of our classes are an hour long and full of information, guidance, and inspiration. 

RSVP via email, with your full name, cell phone number, and which class you are wanting to take.