Reiki & Chakra Balancing

30 MINUTES $35 • 60 MINUTES $65 

90 MINUTES $95 • 120 MINUTES $125

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The roots of chakra healing go back thousands of years to traditional energy healing practices that integrate aspects of ourselves. In many cultures, energy centers, sometimes called chakras, were identified. The most well known system today is the the Hindu seven chakra system developed hundreds of years ago, but there are numerous others.  Chakra energy work balanced your body’s Life Energy so your life is more effortless and joyful. 

We also offer distance reiki for those that are unable to make it in to our therapy center. This works well for those that are hospitalized or injured, as well as pets.  This is easy to schedule and very affordable.  Click here to purchase and schedule a long-distance reiki for you or a loved one. 

Myofacial Release

60 MINUTES $65 

Myo refers to muscle. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds every bone, muscle, tendon, ligament and organ in the human body. It is a protective sleeve that gives us our shape and holds us together. It goes from head to toe and every space in between with no interruptions or breaks. Fascia is a system of its own, just like the cardiovascular system or the digestive system. 

Fascia is very fine and thread-like and therefore will not show up on any x-ray, MRI, or scan. For that reason, often times the source of pain cannot be seen. A Myofascial release therapist has been trained to feel where the fascia has become tight and restricted, and release these areas.

There are many Myofascial release therapists who practice a deep tissue or trigger point therapy. Our approach is John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. This is not deep tissue, but very profoundly effective.

Therapeutic Bodywork Session

60 MINUTES $65

Therapeutic Bodywork is a general term for various forms of therapeutic practices where the therapist may use manual and energetic techniques for restoring health and balance to the entire person. Therapeutic  bodywork is an ancient practice, with most cultures having some history of using it.

Our form of Therapeutic Bodywork is a mixture of myofascial Release, pressure point release, energy manipulation, and stretching techniques. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 MINUTES $65 • 90 MINUTES $95

The manual acceleration of lymph drainage massage is mainly used to reduce the size of lymphedemas, even though the main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification and disposal of metabolic waste. The compromised quality of the air, water, food, etc., causes significant accumulations of metabolic waste products in our body, some of which are toxic. In many cases, this accumulation of toxins causes us to feel low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings, fatigue, etc.

Craniosacral Massage

60 MINUTES $65 

The intention of Craniosacral is to facilitate the expression of the subtle movements of the cranial and sacral bones in order to enhance the body's own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities. This is done in a non-invasive and gentle way that is safe for all ages, from infancy to elderly. It is an effective from of treatment for a wide variety of illnesses helping to create the optimal conditions for health. 

Foot & Hand Reflexology

30 MINUTES $35 • 60 MINUTES $65  

Reflexology is a technique that focuses on specific pressure points within your feet to help correct energy flows throughout your body.  This helps in either a subtle or profound way on the body organs and systems. Although reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure disease, millions of people around the world use it to complement other treatments when addressing conditions like headache, anxiety, cardiovascular issues, asthma, diabetes, kidney function, sinusitis, PMS, and it relieve overall body tension and pain.

Shiatsu/Acupressure Facial

30 MINUTES $35 • 60 MINUTES $65                90 MINUTES $65 

Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques and is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing. Shiatsu supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. Shiatsu can be used in the balancing of a wide variety of internal, musculoskeletal, and emotional conditions.  

This is a great modality to relieve any kind of pain, from physical to emotional and mental type of pain. Most clients leave feeling very balanced and relaxed.

Swedish/Prenatal Massage

30 MINUTES $35 • 60 MINUTES $65 

90 MINUTES $95 • 120 MINUTES $125

Swedish massage is the most commonly used form of classical Western massage, with both active and passive movement of the joints.  It is commonly used for relaxation, relief of muscular tension, and improvement of circulation and range of motion.

In pregnant women prenatal massage can be helpful with all things that may happen to the women's body during pregnancy.  It is great for relaxing those tied, achy muscles.

Thai Yoga Massage

30 MINUTES $35 • 60 MINUTES $65 

90 MINUTES $95 

Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment, wearing "yoga" appropriate clothing. The therapist uses techniques for rubbing on muscles, compressing on the body, pulling, stretching, and rocking the muscles and joints.  The clients body is manipulated into yoga stretching postures in a relaxed and gentle way, which provides a good stretch to all the muscles.



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We have a sliding scale for those that qualify!

if you are on social security, whether through disability or retirement, or if you are a VETERAN you will automatically qualify for our sliding scale. This sliding scale makes our services much more affordable for those on a fixed or low income.